Have you struggled most of your life with missing or loose teeth? Does eating cause you pain? Does smiling cause you embarrassment? If so, you may be left wondering: “Do I need dentures?”

From missing teeth to jawbone loss, there are a lot of reasons why someone should consider conventional or implant overdentures. Dentures do more than improve the appearance of your smile. They improve the functionality of your teeth, the health of your digestive system, and not to mention your confidence.

If you’re wondering whether you’d make a strong candidate for dentures, consider the following questions.

Do you have gaps between your teeth? Or loose teeth that are constantly shifting?

If you are missing more than two or three teeth, you should consider dentures. With few teeth, the weight of chewing is unevenly distributed, causing strain and deterioration. Replacing missing teeth or filling in gaps with dentures helps ensure that all teeth are working equally to chew your food.

Also, if your teeth are constantly shifting, wiggling, or becoming loose, this could be an early indicator of bone loss and gum disease. Sometimes we recommend extracting these teeth and replacing them with dentures before they become a much more painful and costly problem.

Are you suffering from constant toothaches?

If tooth pain is so unbearable that eating, speaking, or smiling has become impossible, this may be a sign that deterioration and decay have progressed to the nerve of your tooth. At this point, the tooth is usually beyond repair. Extracting the tooth or teeth and replacing then with an implant or denture will help relieve you of pain and maintain your fuller smile.

Do you have or are you at risk of having gingivitis or gum disease?

Gum disease can cause red, swollen, or even bleeding gums and is a common dental disease Americans face. About three in four adults will develop gum disease in their lifetime. This does not mean that everyone with gum disease needs dentures. Sometimes gum disease can be reversed. However, if the disease progresses to the point that tooth loss is possible, dentures are often recommended to replace the missing teeth and stop jawbone loss.

Is eating difficult and painful?

If pain has stopped you from enjoying the foods you love, it may be time to consider dentures. Painful eating can be the result of cavities, cracks, or decays in your teeth.

Another common (yet overlooked) sign that your teeth may not be breaking down foods as thoroughly as they should? Indigestion. If you’re swallowing large portions of food because you can’t break them down with your teeth, your digestive system will also suffer. If you’re experiencing indigestion, stomach aches, or other digestive problems, the cause may surprisingly be your smile.

What Next?

If you’re experiencing any of the items above, we encourage you to request a free consultation with our team. We’ll look at your smile, take x-rays, and help you develop a treatment plan. If you need dentures, we’ll use state-of-the-art technology to help them look natural and fit comfortably. With immediate, partial, conventional, and implant overdentures available, there is a denture type for everyone. And with dentures starting at only $599, there is a denture for every budget!

If you’re not experiencing any of the above, but you’re worried about your oral health, make sure you’re visiting your dentist regularly (at least two times per year). Your dentist will help pinpoint any cavities, infections, or other diseases early on to help keep your smile healthy. And of course, our dentists in Springfield are always available if you have questions!