Did you know there’s more than one type of denture? Here at DICE Dental, we’re proud to offer a wide range of dentures. After all, every smile is different. Our variety makes sure there’s an option best suited for you and your needs. From conventional and implant-retained to partial and full, discover the types of dentures we offer and how you can make a confident choice.

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is placed the same day your teeth are extracted. This ensures you never have to go without your teeth, so you can get back to smiling and eating in no time. Patients love the convenience of immediate dentures!

One of the downsides of an immediate denture is that it may begin to feel loose over time. We can add a new lining to help the denture fit better, or we can make a conventional denture for you. These aren’t recommended to be “permanent” dentures, but instead dentures that carry you through until you’re healed enough for implant-retained dentures or conventional dentures.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are the most popular type of dentures. Also known as full dentures, they take longer to make, but their natural look and feel are well worth the wait! You’ll notice immediately an improvement in the way you eat, speak, and smile.

Before you get conventional dentures, you have to have been missing all of your teeth for at least eight weeks. It takes about four appointments to achieve the perfect fit and feel, but they’re made right in our office, so we have complete control over their appearance.

Conventional dentures are also removable. This means they’re easy to clean, but also easy to lose! Make sure you keep them somewhere safe when you take them out for the evening (and keep them away from pets!)

Partial Dentures

If you’re not missing all of your teeth, but several teeth, we would recommend partial dentures. To qualify for partial dentures, you need to have at least four stable teeth on your upper jaw, or two stable teeth on your lower jaw.

When it comes to partial dentures, there are two types: those with a flexible base and those with a metal base. Partials with a flexible base are more comfortable and less visible, but new teeth can’t be added to the base over time. Meanwhile, partials with a metal base can be tightened or loosened as needed and new teeth can be added. However, sometimes these dentures are more visible.

Despite these differences, both types of dentures offer an affordable alternative to crowns and bridges!

Implant Overdentures

Sometimes called implant-retained dentures, implant overdentures use dental implants to stabilize dentures when you eat or speak. This means you won’t have to worry about your dentures growing loose over time. To qualify for implant overdentures, you need to have at least four implants on your upper jaw or two on your lower jaw.

This type of denture is more stable, more comfortable, easy to adjust, and still simple to clean. Not to mention, they make it possible for you to eat all of your favorite foods!

Finding Your Perfect Pair of Dentures with DICE

We realize there is a lot to consider! But you don’t have to go through this process alone. Our team loves helping patients find a pair of dentures they’ll feel confident with! During your consultation, we’ll walk you through the differences between the dentures, take x-rays and photos, and help you decide on a treatment plan customized to your needs.

Another reason to choose DICE? You’re guaranteed high-quality care at a price you can afford. We accept most insurance plans and payment plans are available so you can find care that’s best for your health, your smile, and your budget! Contact us to schedule your appointment.