Here at DICE Dental in Springfield, we work hard to ensure your dentures fit perfectly and look just like your natural teeth. Each pair of dentures is custom fit just for you and starts at only $599, a fraction of the price other Philadelphia dentures cost. So how are these dentures made?

Step 1: Take X-Rays & Impressions

Dentures always start with x-rays and impressions. During your consultation, we’ll take special 3D x-rays so you don’t have to worry about sitting through old-school film x-rays that make you gag! These x-rays give us a digital look at your smile, show us your problem areas or pain points, and help us develop a custom treatment plan.

Then we take a series of impressions and measurements of your jawbone and your gums. We need these impressions to make sure your dentures and their framework are stable. Sometimes impressions are taken with paste, but we also offer digital impressions.

Step 2: Build Your Models

Now that we have impressions, we’ll create a model of your denture. This model is made out of plaster and then placed in an articulator. An articulator is a mechanical device that operates just like your jawbone. This allows us to open and close the model of your dentures, examining how they would function in real life.

Next, we attach teeth to this model using pink wax that looks like your gums. This is the base, or plate, of your denture. We’ll carefully shape the wax to make sure it looks natural.

We’ll add some more plaster to hold the shape of the denture, remove the wax, and replace it with acrylic. Acrylic is stronger than porcelain and easier to adjust. The plaster is removed, the acrylic is trimmed, and you’ll have a realistic-looking denture model that we’ll use for your initial fitting.

Step 3: Fittings

It may take about four to five visits for you to find the perfect fit. As you try on these models, they can be adjusted for bite, shape, size, and color. We want to make sure your dentures don’t only work well but look as close to your natural teeth as possible. We recommend bringing a loved one along for support, feedback, and honesty. The dentures may feel a little odd at first, as it takes some time to break them in, but we’ll work with you to make sure your fit is comfortable.

Step 4: Casting the Final Denture

After the model is made and the adjustments are complete, we’ll cast your final denture. With proper care, your denture should last as long as 20 years! As you can see, we don’t use materials that are “cheaper” than other dentists. So how can we offer dentures for only $599? We use advanced technology and an expert team to keep our overhead low and make our dentures quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

We offer several types of dentures, including conventional dentures, partial dentures, and implant overdentures. There are pros, cons, and differences between each type, but we’ll help you decide which is best for you and your smile.

If you’ve been dreaming of a fuller, healthier, and more confident smile, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our team. A new denture may just change your life!