One of the most common questions we are asked by our patients is, “Are my dentures too big?” How do you know you have the right denture fit? The truth is, after you get your first set of dentures, they will likely feel a little large. However, your mouth and cheek muscles should get used to them after about a month. If after a few months you’re still struggling to speak and eat, your dentures may be too big. But don’t worry! There’s plenty that our team at DICE Dental can do to help.

Why Do My Dentures Feel Big?

Although we spend a considerable amount of time with you during the denture fitting process, the first time you wear your new pair of dentures, they’re going to feel odd. They may feel too big for your mouth, rub against your cheeks, or feel like they’re going to fall out every time you eat or speak. Over time, your muscles will adjust to this change and instead of working against your dentures, they’ll work with your dentures, holding them into place.

Another reason your dentures may feel too big after your treatment is because of the anatomy of your mouth. Your natural teeth are supported beneath your gum tissue. However, dentures rest on top of your gums. They should suction to your top gum line and float above your bottom gum line. Over time, your mouth and tongue muscles will hold your bottom dentures into place.

For most patients, it takes anywhere from one to three months to grow accustomed to their denture fit. But what if your dentures still feel uncomfortable even after all that time? Then it is time to make a change.

How to Tell If Your Dentures Don’t Fit

If you’re wondering whether your dentures are too big, there are three tell-tale signs of unstable dentures:

  • Your mouth and gums are swollen, red, and painful.
  • Your dentures rub against the back of your throat and cause you to frequently gag.
  • Your dentures slip and slide while you’re eating or speaking.

You may have experienced these issues since you got your dentures. Or maybe your dentures fit perfectly but grew loose over time. The most common reason for this is that your jaw bone has shrunk.

This is especially common in patients who get full dentures. After your natural teeth are extracted, the shape and size of your jaw bone may change over the next year or so. And since your dentures must align perfectly with your jaw bone and gum line, any slight shift can cause them to feel loose. But just because your dentures feel loose or too big doesn’t mean the smile you’ve dreamed of is ruined. There are plenty of solutions to help get your dentures fitting snugly again.

Fixing Loose Dentures

For very minor irritation, sometimes denture adhesive works well to keep your dentures in place. However, we also recommend a simple denture reline in our office when it comes to ill-fitting dentures. During this procedure, we’ll reline your dentures so that they align with your jaw bone again. This procedure is quick, non-invasive, and will get you back to smiling in no time! You simply drop off your denture in the morning, we add a new lining, and you can pick up your dentures that afternoon!

If you would like a more permanent solution and more stable denture fit, and if you meet the oral health criteria, implant overdentures are a great way to add stability to your dentures with dental implants. During this procedure, two implants are placed in your lower jaw. Then, a full denture with snaps on the underside snaps onto them. The more implants, the less movement that will occur when eating.

There are so many benefits to implant dentures, including:

  • More security when eating and speaking.
  • Extra lip support
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to replace
  • You are less likely to gag and will have a better taste sensation

DICE Dental is Your Perfect Fit

Here at DICE Dental, we offer affordable dentures and other cosmetic dentistry services like dental implants and crowns. With conventional, partial, and implant overdentures available, there’s a solution for every smile. And with advanced technology like 3D x-rays, 3D printers, and guided implant surgery, you can rest assured that your dentures will be high quality and comfortable.

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