You’ve invested both time and money into your pair of dentures, so it is important to take any steps necessary to keep them in tip-top shape for years to come. This starts with daily care and routine maintenance. If you don’t know where to start, our Springfield dentists are here to help with their top tips for denture care.

How to Clean Your Dentures

Your dentures should be cleaned daily: in the morning and before bed. Following this twice-daily routine is the most important step you can take when it comes to denture care. Unless your dentures are fixed, you’ll need to remove your dentures for proper brushing.

To clean the dentures without damaging their surface, use a denture cleanser and soft-bristled toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste or a regular toothbrush. These abrasive tools can easily scratch your dentures. Avoid toothpicks or dental scrapers as well. Sharp objects won’t only damage your dentures but also cause injury to your mouth tissue if they slip.

We also recommend rinsing your dentures between meals. Run your dentures under lukewarm water to remove loose particles and food debris. Never rinse your dentures with hot water. Doing so could warp your dentures and make them lose the perfect fit we’ve worked to achieve. Finally, always wash your dentures over a soft towel to keep them safe if dropped.

How to Store Your Dentures

Your mouth needs a break from your dentures throughout the day, especially when sleeping. Before bed, clean your dentures and then soak them overnight in a glass of water or denture cleaner. Why? Because if dentures are left to dry, their shape, size, and fit may change. This step is key to proper denture care.

Once you wake up, rinse your dentures before putting them in your mouth. This removes harmful bacteria, as well as chemicals from the denture solution. Do not use bleach products or other harsh chemicals on your dentures. They won’t only cause damage but could make you sick.

Even if you have to take your dentures out for a few minutes, never wrap them in a paper towel or leave them out for your pets to find.

And what if your dentures do warp? Or get chewed apart by a fun-loving pet? Do not try to fix them yourself. This could damage them even more. Call our office and request an appointment. We’re open in Springfield, Bethlehem, and Southampton to help. Don’t try to fix broken dentures using over-the-counter repair kits or glue.

Oral Hygiene with Dentures

Denture care and oral care go hand in hand! Even though you’re wearing dentures, you should still brush your gums and tongue daily. This will help remove plaque, clean away bacteria, and get your circulation flowing. Sores, irritation, or infection of your gums can make wearing dentures painful, so it is important to keep your gums healthy to help avoid gum disease.

Finally, keep up your dental checkups! Your dentist can ensure your dentures fit snugly and your gums are healthy enough to support them.

Discover Dentures at DICE Dental

Here at DICE Dental, you can find affordable dentures and denture repairs from an experienced team who will guide you through every step of your denture care routine. We offer several types of dentures here at DICE, including:

  • Conventional dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implant overdentures

To learn more about dentures and their benefits, request an appointment with our team. Free consultations are available in Springfield, Southampton, and Bethlehem.