Dental implants, crowns, and extractions are not just cosmetic solutions for patients. These procedures often help treat dental diseases and restore oral health. One such ailment is internal resorption. What is this rare occurrence, and how can cosmetic dentistry help?

What Is Internal Resorption?

Internal resorption is a rare occurrence in which the tissue within a tooth starts to disappear. Dentin, the tissue beneath your tooth’s enamel, is absorbed back into the tooth canal, causing inflammation. Once all the tissue is absorbed, the tooth becomes hollow and more susceptible to damage and decay. If left untreated, the patient may lose the tooth.

There are no clear causes for internal resorption, though some researchers suggest trauma, infection, chemical whitening, or even orthodontics as possible causes. Patients are typically asymptomatic. Many patients don’t even know they’re experiencing resorption until they visit their dentist for an x-ray exam. Resorption appears on dental x-rays as dark, shadowy spots within a tooth.

Treatments for Internal Resorption

There are several possible treatments for internal resorption, all dependent on the severity of your case:

  • Root Canal Therapy: During a root canal, your dentist will remove the affected tissue. Internal resorption relies on pulp tissue to advance. Removing that tissue prevents further resorption. This treatment only works if the resorption is caught early enough, so it is vital to maintain regular visits to your dentist.
  • Dental Crown: A dental crown strengthens and rebuilds your tooth, which makes it an ideal second step after root canal therapy. Here at DICE Dental, we make all our dental crowns in-house, so we have complete control over their size, shape, and color so that your crown blends seamlessly into your natural smile.
  • Extraction & Dental Implant: An extraction is recommended if resorption has progressed far enough that most of the tissue is already gone. During this procedure, your dentist will remove your affected tooth. Next, a dental implant will replace the missing tooth root and help restore fullness to your smile.

Your dentist may provide you with a referral to a certified cosmetic dentist, like our team at DICE Dental, or an oral surgeon.

Preventing Internal Resorption

Preventing internal resorption is difficult. If you play high-impact sports like football, wear mouth guards in case of severe injury or tooth trauma. If you ever experience a mouth injury, visit your dentist right away for an examination, which could help spot symptoms early.

Cosmetic Dentistry at DICE Dental

Internal resorption may sound scary, but there is a trusted team available to help you protect your tooth and restore your smile.

At DICE Dental, we can perform crowns, extractions, and dental implants should your dentist find you suffering from resorption. To learn more, request an appointment with our team in Bethlehem, PA today!