Did you know that 18% of dental cases in 2021 were for a broken tooth, whether it is from an accident, stress, or oral decay. Not addressing a broken tooth as soon as possible can lead to serious oral health consequences down the road. Here’s how you can treat, repair, and save a tooth that’s been damaged.

Health Risks of a Broken Tooth

There are serious health risks associated with even the smallest chips or cracks in your smile. That’s why it is so important to fix your tooth as soon as possible to minimize injury or further damage. The sharp edges of your tooth can cause cut your tongue or cheek. In addition, exposed nerves in your tooth can lead to severe pain, sensitivity, or even infection.

How do you know if you have a broken tooth? Depending on the size of the break and its location, it may be hard to tell! Pay close attention to any feelings or sensations that seem unordinary. This may be a tooth that feels extra sharp against your tongue or sensitivity to foods you previously could eat without issue.

Fixing a Broken Tooth

If you experience a broken tooth, get to a dentist right away. Many dentists take emergency visits. However, if you cannot get to your dentist, there are a few ways to minimize the damage, pain, and risk of infection.

  • Clean your mouth with water and rinse away any debris.
  • Apply pressure to stop bleeding, if any.
  • Prevent swelling by applying a cold compress to your cheek.
  • If you have the broken piece of your tooth in your possession, keep it in a safe spot. Your dentist may be able to repair it. If you can, save the broken piece of the tooth in a bag or container.
  • If you’re experiencing pain, take some over-the-counter painkillers.

Never remove the tooth yourself. You could further damage your tooth root or nerve.

How to Treat a Broken Tooth

Depending on the severity of your break, there are several ways to repair your tooth. Minor cracks may only require a bit of bonding. Meanwhile, dental crowns can help repair large cracks or breaks and further strengthen the tooth to prevent future damage.

In the most serious cases, the root of your tooth may be damaged beyond repair. This is when an extraction is necessary and the entire tooth is removed. A dental implant, which is a titanium screw, replaces the missing tooth root and a color-matched crown is added to give your new tooth a natural finish.

Tooth Repair at DICE Dental

At DICE Dental in Bethlehem Township, we offer crowns, extractions, and dental implants. So if you find yourself with a broken tooth, we can get you out of pain and back to smiling again. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.