How we got started

DICE was founded with hopes of redesigning the patients’ dental experience.  After completing a 3-year hospital-based implant fellowship and spending an additional 3 years as an associate dentist, Dr. Katie decided to open her own practice with the goal of reducing patient barriers to care. She picked her four favorite dental procedures (dentures, implants, crowns, and extractions) and built her practice solely around those items. By offering fewer services, DICE operates with less overhead than the typical dental practice and passes those savings onto our patients. And since Dr. Katie is always performing treatment that she enjoys doing, she’s particularly relaxed and cheerful. This creates an ideal environment for patients and staff alike.

Cutting-edge technology

Here at DICE, we are committed to keeping up with the latest and greatest technology in order to give our patients the best experience possible.  We utilize the following tools to help diagnose, treatment plan, and perform your dentistry to the best of our ability:

  • CBCT

    Having a 3D xray of your mouth is a game-changer. We use our conebeam to evaluate the health of your teeth and jaws. Dr. Katie will use it as a tool to make sure you understand everything that’s going on in your mouth before you decide on treatment options together.

  • Digital Xrays

    Our handheld x-ray machine is super low dose in radiation and gives instantaneous, clear pictures. We use digital xrays to help identify cavities, during implant surgery, and when we’re delivering crowns to make sure that the fit is picture perfect.

  • Guided Surgery

    We utilize guided surgery whenever it would benefit our patient, for no additional fee. Sometimes, a guide is helpful for angulation of implant or in tight spaces.

  • iTero

    Patients love our digital impression taking capabilities. We take pictures of your crown preparations now, instead of the old fashioned goop. We also use digital impressions to show you what’s happening in your mouth so you can understand your diagnosis.

  • 3D Printing

    Having a 3D printer under our roof is so much fun! We constantly find new uses for it: printing temporaries, dentures, digital mock-ups of smile transformations, and other items just for kicks!

Dr. Katie using the iTero machine with a patient

Meet Dr. Alger

We love to meet new patients and design a plan to help them restore their smiles, chewing ability, and confidence.  Dr. Katie Alger understands the importance of patiently listening to all of our patients’ hopes, concerns, and fears.  She enjoys rising to the challenge of helping with anything our patients require (there’s no need to ever feel embarrassed; we’ve seen it all!)

Our offered services

Our goal is to redesign your dental experience by offering high quality care with transparent and value-driven pricing. By running a lean model, we are able to focus on what we do extremely well and offer you the best possible outcome at the lowest possible price point. Our team is passionate about what we do and uses cutting-edge technology to make sure your dental experience is straight-forward, comfortable, and effective.




Let’s get started

You’ve got nothing to lose!  Swing by our office for a complimentary consult and learn how we can help transform your smile, get you out of pain, or allow you to actually enjoy a solid meal again. We’d love to meet you and change your view of dentistry so you look forward to your future visits with us.