Our Technology

Here at DICE, we are committed to keeping up with the latest and greatest dental technology in order to give our patients the best experience possible.  We utilize the following tools to help diagnose, treatment plan, and perform your dentistry to the best of our ability.  Scroll over each image to get a description of how this tool helps improve your appointment.



Because we have 3D xray capabilities, you’ll never have to sit through 18 old school film xrays that make you gag again. Many of our patients are super impressed by the futuristic feeling of this machine and that’s even before they see the quality of the image that pops up on the screen when it’s done.  We love using this tool because it truly helps us show and explain to our patients their problems/barriers to overcome for treatment.  During each consultation, we will sit down with you individually to review your entire scan. You will be able to see any issues you have on the computer screen and will decide on a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs that fits both your expectations and budget.



Goodbye goop!  For patients who need implants and crowns, we can use the iTero to take a digital impression. It’s also used by our orthodontist who shares space with us.



Our newest digital scanner is always exciting to use.  It’s super fast and accurate and even helps us color match your current teeth to your new teeth!  Patients are amazed when they see this scanner in use.


Guided Surgery

For implants that are in a tight space or in difficult surgical areas, We will make a custom surgical guide.  The surgical guide allows us to pre-plan your exact implant placement on the computer and then recreate that in your mouth.


3D Printer

We use the 3D printer to show you mock-ups of your potential new smile options, to make full arch temporaries, and sometimes to even make your dentures!


Milling Machine

Our most recently acquired piece of dental technology is the one we’re most excited for.  With our in-house milling machine, we are able to totally control the quality and cost of your veneers, crowns, and implant parts.  It also means faster turnaround time and a perfect fit of your crown, every time.


Digital X-Rays

In addition to the 3D xray that we take for each consultation, we will also sometimes take cavity detection x-rays.  The xray machine that we use here is incredibly low dose radiation to the point where patients no longer need to wear the heavy lead apron.

Let’s get started

You’ve got nothing to lose!  Swing by our office for a complimentary consult and learn how we can help transform your smile with affordable dental implants. We’d love to meet you and change your view of dentistry so you look forward to your future visits with us.