Single Tooth Implant vs. Dental Bridge: Which Option Is Right for You?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, a single tooth implant and dental bridge are two popular options that offer effective and aesthetically pleasing results. While both are effective treatments, only one is right for you. We’ll cover the key differences between the two, discuss the pros and cons, and show you how DICE Dental can help you decide [...]

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Gentle Dental Care Tips for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you know how uncomfortable enjoying your favorite foods and drinks can be. A gentle dental care routine can help alleviate your sensitivity and enjoy your smile without pain. Causes of Sensitive Teeth Several factors cause tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity starts once the dentin layer of your tooth is exposed. This may happen due to poor [...]

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Dental Implants in Bethlehem: What You Should Know

Dental implants in Bethlehem are available to Lehigh Valley residents at DICE Dental. Implants are a popular and effective solution for those who have lost teeth due to injury, decay, or infection. They offer a permanent, natural-looking replacement for missing teeth and can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of your smile. If you are considering dental implants, here's [...]

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What is Periodontal Disease? The Causes and Treatments

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, affects nearly 50% of adults ages 30 and up, while roughly 70% of adults aged 65 and over have gum disease. Periodontal disease is far more common than you would think, and it can lead to serious health consequences in the future. But what exactly causes it? How can it affect you? [...]

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The 5 Most Common Post-Op Dentistry Questions After Dental Implant Surgery

After oral surgery, it’s crucial to maintain proper care of your mouth to ensure you experience a healthy healing process. This is especially true after your dental implant surgery. While dental implants have one of the highest success rates in cosmetic dentistry, there is a slight chance of implant failure. To make sure you have all the knowledge and [...]

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Do Dental Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Dental implants have been a popular treatment for people looking to refresh and restore their smiles for decades. However, most people think they don’t need to worry about getting a replacement once they have an implant. While the lifespan of an implant reaches an impressive 15 to 20 years, this is not always the case. Approximately 12% of implants [...]

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The Top 5 Questions About Dental Implants

The decision to get dental implants is life-changing in all the best ways! However, we understand you may be a little nervous before your treatment. So, to ease your anxiety, here are the top five questions about dental implants and their answers. We want to assure you that dental implants are not as scary as you think. Receiving a [...]

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I Have a Broken Tooth. Now What?

Did you know that 18% of dental cases in 2021 were for a broken tooth, whether it is from an accident, stress, or oral decay. Not addressing a broken tooth as soon as possible can lead to serious oral health consequences down the road. Here’s how you can treat, repair, and save a tooth that's been damaged. Health Risks [...]

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Is a Single Dental Implant Right for Me?

By age 44, 69% of adults are missing at least one tooth. A missing tooth brings with it plenty of health complications. You may have trouble chewing, experience tooth shifting, or suffer from gum disease. Meanwhile, without stimulation the jawbone can atrophy, weaken, and shrink. Worst of all, those with missing teeth may go to extreme ends to hide [...]

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What Is Internal Resorption & How Do You Treat It?

Dental implants, crowns, and extractions are not just cosmetic solutions for patients. These procedures often help treat dental diseases and restore oral health. One such ailment is internal resorption. What is this rare occurrence, and how can cosmetic dentistry help? What Is Internal Resorption? Internal resorption is a rare occurrence in which the tissue within a tooth starts to [...]

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